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Are you struggling to keep the plants and flowers in your garden alive? If your soil is too tightly packed, your garden is likely suffering. When your soil doesn’t have enough breathing room, your plants miss out on air, water, and all the important nutrients they need. Don’t let your poor flowers suffocate! There’s an easy way to solve this problem: aeration.

Irrigation System Repair

We’re a team of highly trained and skilled lawn contractors with the needed expertise in irrigation system repair. Our brilliant team has the know-how, experience, and brains to solve any sprinkler problem. With our help, your life and your lawn will be back to normal.


Are you a home or business owner looking for a landscaper to help maintain, improve, or create the perfect property? From lawn care services to hardscaping overhauls and installations, we offer a complete range of landscaping services that can be tailored to your specific needs.


Your property is more than just the space surrounding your house. It’s part of your personal world. It’s where all the best memories are made, from sipping lemonade on the patio to relaxing with a furry friend on a lush, sun-kissed lawn. You deserve landscape features that bring out the best moments in your everyday life. And now, with Chatwells' Landscapes’s residential landscaping services, you too can have the property of your dreams.

Landscaping Company

We are happily willing to take on simple tasks, whether it be mowing the lawn or pruning your trees. We have the skills and knowledge to make recommendations about how to take your home garden to the next level.

Landscaping Construction

Quality is everything, especially when it comes to your living space. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and your property deserves the very best. Whether you need a new patio, gazebo, or barbecue area, or you need your driveway paved, you need to know you’re getting quality work. The professionals here at Chatwells' Landscapes have you covered.

Lawn Care

There’s nothing like the green, green grass of home. Your lawn is much more than just a piece of property—it’s a source of happiness, pride, and a place to make memories. From an afternoon game of tag to a blowout birthday party, your lawn is the space where some of life’s best moments happen. You deserve a lawn just as beautiful as your life, and Chatwells' Landscapes can give it to you.

Lawn Dethatching

As professionals, we’ve been trained in many areas of landscape contracting. Thatching is one of our specialties. To get your lawn looking great, we use a special dethatching machine to remove all that excess organic waste and get your lawn looking great. Its powerful blades reach through to remove up to four inches of thatching material.

Lawn Fertilization

You want a lawn that’s healthy, thick and green. Everybody does. In order for your lawn to be healthy, it needs the proper nutrition. The best way to give your lawn the nutrients it needs is through fertilization, and the best way to fertilize your lawn is with Chatwells' Landscapes. We’re a team of professionals with the skills, knowledge, and experience to give your lawn some TLC and make it as healthy as it can be.

Lawn Mowing

A beautiful lawn is the perfect accessory to a lovely home. But when your lawn gets overgrown and full of weeds, it’s anything but beautiful. And in the crazy, hectic world of today, who has the time to mow their lawn regularly? But don’t worry, we have the solution. If you’re suffering from an overgrown lawn, you need the professional lawn mowing services of Chatwells' Landscapes.

Lawn Pest Control

Pest control: it’s not something you ever want to think about. But when you need it, you really need it. If you’re dealing with pesky insects in your garden or lawn, it’s hard to think about anything else. Luckily, Chatwells' Landscapes is here to solve your problems and get your life back to normal. Our hardworking staff members will eliminate your infestation problem with our extensive training in outdoor pest control. When you contact us, we’ll take care of those bugs, so they’ll stop bugging you.

Leaf Removal

Sure, the autumn leaves are pretty, but taking care of them is another story altogether. When it comes to leaf raking, gathering, and disposal, who has the time? Plus, leaf maintenance is painful, and can often lead to sore backs and hand blisters. Don’t put yourself through the torture. Do the sensible thing, and hire Chatwells' Landscapes for all your leaf removal needs. We’ll get the job done effectively, thoroughly, and fast.


Are your plants struggling to grow? Are you dealing with dry or discolored grass? Your soil might very well be experiencing a lack of nutrition. Just like pets or children, your plants need a lot of nutrients to grow big and strong. When they don’t get that nutrition, they become sickly and frail. Mulching is a great way to give your soil the nutrients it needs to feed your plants and grass properly.

Shrubs And Hedges

If there’s one landscaping choice that will always be classic, it’s bushes, shrubs, and hedges. They’re a great accent to any property and always look good. There’s nothing like beautiful and well-maintained bushes to make your landscape stand out and look elegant and distinguished.

Sod Installation

Have you ever wished you could roll out grass on your lawn like you roll out a beautiful rug? Well, guess what: you can! Lawn sod is the most efficient, attractive way to fix a damaged lawn. And Chatwells' Landscapes is the right landscaping company to do it for you. Our sod installation services will make your dead, damaged, or decomposed lawn look like new again.

Sprinkler System Repairs

A faulty sprinkler system can cause chaos in your yard. Things are normal, everything is coming along fine, until all havoc breaks loose. Suddenly, you’ve got water spraying everywhere, a soggy lawn, drowning plants, and flooding. Total disaster! When your sprinkler system is that out of hand, there’s only one solution: call Chatwells' Landscapes.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is a difficult task, and sometimes it’s hard to make the right choice. Luckily for you, there’s Chatwells' Landscapes. Our arborists are highly skilled experts in their own right, with the experience needed to make tree removal service safe and easy. We’ll use our smarts and know-how to help you make the right decision about tree removal, and when the time comes, we’ll remove your trees in a safe, clean, and efficient way.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is like a good haircut for your trees. It makes them look good, keeps them healthy, and ensures the best possible growth. Overgrown trees just look messy and unkempt. They reflect as poorly on you. Worse than that, they can also be quite dangerous. If your trees are growing too close to power lines, or too close to your roof, you could have a disaster on your hands. Our services will solve the problem expertly and efficiently.

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